The Bible Is A Tactical Guide To Getting Home Through Enemy Lands

Let’s lead with a point that I used to revel in during my days deeply entrenched in the darkness. Why the Lord Most High demands us to pray to Him. Praise Him. Think about Him. Read about Him.
What I had arrogantly, evil-mindedly, called vanity or some self obsession turns out to be the same training that every military uses to this day. Repetition creates automatic reaction in a combat environment. Have you ever been in a suddenly overwhelming situation of any type? The adrenaline and immediate demand for action.
In the minds of masters, at this point, comes “the zone”. The quiet spot inside where time slows, perceptions change, and you couldn’t miss if you tried. If you’ve been there, you know what I mean. If you’re trying for it, you know why.
When facing the enemy, you need to be prepared. Or you will be outmatched.
The only weapon we are given with God’s armor in Ephesians 6 is the Sword of the Spirit, which is God’s Word. The rest are protective measures, all well illustrated according to purpose.
As such, we need to be as well versed in its use as any top athlete in his/her field. When the storms come, and they will, there’s no time for planning, no room for error. You need to know what you’re standing on. A Rock or sinking sand?
The enemy has spent a lot of time and energy dulling the bite of that Holy Sword. And has succeeded amazingly well. Though it hasn’t actually affected His powerful Word in the slightest, he has diluted our understanding with twenty-first century eyes. Over saturated, desensitized, jaded, and lost.
Science, political correctness, and prosperity preachers are just a few of the tools at his disposal. Never doubt. It IS a conspiracy. To drag us all down to nothingness with him and all the others. We’ll get to that.
It’s my goal to do all I can to put the lie to all these parlor tricks and to show them for what they really are. It’s a very tall order, but so, so necessary. People’s faith these days is all but non-existent. What is there to believe in? A bunch of fairy tales written by old guys with beards, that have some good points but are offensive to our “enlightened” sensibilities? What is that? And, this, sadly, is what His Holy Word has been reduced to in this world. More importantly, in the hearts of many so-called believers.
These days, if you believe that God created everything in six literal days, you’re labeled a young earth creationist and looked at as if you must be half retarded or from the backwoods somewhere with straw in your hat. Do you know who else believed in a six day creation? Sir Isaac Newton. William Shakespeare. Galileo Galilei. Leonardo DaVinci. The list goes on, but heading that list is one that every believer needs to hear. Jesus.
So what are you standing on? Is your faith built on a foundation of solid rock or sinking sand? Because, if you believe that the Bible is a collection of nice stories, or is only about half true, what are you standing on!? And this is only the beginning. In our minds, this Bible that we’re relying on for salvation has been reduced to, God has been reduced to, the spiritual has been reduced to just another story of man.
And, here’s the crazy thing. Archaeology, all the sciences, math, everything affirms Creation as it’s told in Scripture. The more we learn and find. Does NOT affirm old earth, evolution, naturalism, or any of the other current hypotheses that are being touted as fact. We’re just so brainwashed with our own infallibility, enamored with our intellectual “superiority”, that we can’t see what’s becoming clearer and clearer. I’ll show you.
So. The Grand Canyon. Billions of years of erosion to create, yes? And, ostensibly, billions of years of rock layer formation before that, yes? I would argue that what you see here all could have been accomplished in days or less. Look at the layering. Notice the uniformity along their courses? This speaks to liquid pouring in, one layer atop the next in a short period of time. Otherwise, where are the erosion indicators in each individual layer if it took so long between them? It would be a much wobblier demarcation line.
Niagara Falls. It’s eroding at about 4.7’ per year. Why hasn’t it eroded to Lake Erie by now?
The Great Barrier Reef. At its current rate of growth, less than 4,200 years old. Why hasn’t it taken over the sea?
I could literally do this all day. The Sahara Desert. The Mississippi Delta. The ocean’s saltiness. The oldest tree in the world. All testify.
And I haven’t even gotten to space yet. Or physics. Or math. It. All. Testifies. Trust.
To God. And to His Creation. In six days.
The point here isn’t how old creation is at all. It’s not a central salvation issue and that’s where you lose many theologians. How can we preach an eternal, all-knowing God if we have reservations? And, it will show. How are we to answer to a curious young mind with questions? And what will our vacillation instill therein? Rock solid faith? To which part of Scripture do we adhere, and to which part write off as obsolete, allegorical, adulterated, or stolen?
Every Christian evolutionist argument fails against the only thing that matters; the Word. Gap theory, progressive creation, theistic evolution, framework hypothesis. All of it. All of it allows pain, death, killing, struggle, suffering, extinction, thorns and death before Adam. Like God planted the Garden of Eden on top of the fossil record, dead dinosaurs, and called it very good. And that’s another thing. The fossil record. It doesn’t show the slow fossilization of dead things. Throw a dead cat out in your yard and wait for it to turn to stone. In 60 days, it’s gone. It speaks to a very quick engulfing of myriad lifeforms in liquid medium and solidification very quickly, before decay sets in. Much like the proverbial mosquito in amber(tree sap solidified). In this and all things, it’s a matter of interpretation, depending on the lens you’re viewing it through. They present speculation and presupposition as fact. With no substantiation. At all. All we may have is circumstantial evidence as well, but there is a LOT of it. I don’t think you understand just how much. Science has done such a good job of ignoring the facts that don’t fit into their particular worldview and selling it that there is no way that the lay person would have any exposure or even access to the underlying truth.
Next time we will cover more reasons why the Bible is right and we’re all wrong. Stick with me and help me grow as we find out more of God’s Truth together. Iron sharpens iron.
Grace and peace to all of you Family!
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